Portfolio Administration

The AAS Investment & Portfolio Administration Service provides investment and portfolio administration for all entities including companies, trusts partnerships and individuals.

The AAS PAS offering ensures that a client's portfolios are kept to update (tax ready at the end year) so as to enable the adviser and client to focus on efficiently managing their investment portfolio.

The PAS service includes:

  • Up to date online portfolio reporting including, performance reporting, asset allocation, and tax reporting.
  • Online access to portfolio documents including, share trades, tax statements, Trust documents etc
  • A mailbox service to handle all the paperwork, including corporate action, notices, dividend statements, tax notices etc
  • Preparation and lodgment of activity statements
  • Workflow management tools so as to ensure the portfolio is kept up to date
  • Ability to manage and pay bills on behalf of the client, including tax payments, property maintenance and other bills.
  • Ensuring the client's portfolio is tax ready at year end including, providing income tax statements and realized CGT reports.

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