About Us

Accounting and Adviser Services Pty Ltd (AAS) is a wholesale outsource provider of administration type services to accountants and financial advisers.

The business focuses on services that can be delivered to accountants and advisers in a cost-effective, professional and timely manner.

The essential purpose of AAS is to enable the adviser and accountant to develop a richer and more meaningful relationship with their client, which then allows them to focus on more "value end" work that generates greater profits for their business.

As a wholesale provider, AAS does not communicate with the client, the relationship is solely a business to business relationship with the accountant and adviser.

Why Choose Accounting and Adviser Services

We are dedicated to helping financial planners, brokers and accountants offer SMSF administration services to their clients at competitive rates, enabling them more time to provide detailed expert advice on self-managed super funds.

Corporate Information

Accounting and Adviser Services Pty Ltd
ABN 28 152 396 542
ACN 152 396 542

Registered Office:
Level 9, 88 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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